Toyota Yamaha Fox Racing
(Calgary, June 22, 2008)
Photos: James Lissimore


Round four of the CMRC Monster Energy Motocross Nationals was held at Regina, Saskatchewan, June 22. Once again, Toyota/Yamaha Blackfoot Fox’s star MX1 rider, Colton Facciotti, dominated the action aboard his Yamaha YZ450F with back to back victories!

“I’ve been on a roll lately,” Facciotti laughs. “Lots of good starts and just getting out front early. It’s really built up my confidence level, that’s for sure. I won the first moto by close to 30 seconds. I just got a great start and pulled 20 seconds on those guys in the first half. After that it was just like putting in practice laps, just me having fun out there.” After demoralizing the competition with his runaway moto-one victory Facciotti managed a repeat performance in moto-two. “I once again got the holeshot and just stayed out front,” he says nonchalantly. There must be some secret to Facciotti’s success this season. “I just focus on trying not to crash or make mistakes,” he explains. “It’s hard to push yourself when you’re out front the whole time, and it’s really easy to make mistakes. I just stay focused. The bike was pretty much perfect, we didn’t really have to play around with anything this weekend.”

Colton FacciottiPart of the winning formula is the mentoring role that Jean Sebastien Roy has taken with the Toyota/Yamaha Blackfoot Fox team since his retirement. “I have to give JSR a lot of credit for bringing Colton to this level,” says Blackfoot’s Joe Skidd. “Colt had it in him, there’s no question about it, but JSR trimmed years off his learning curve by letting him in on his secrets to success. Fitness, preparation, and mental attitude. My hat goes off to JSR for the great job he’s done, not just with Colt but with all our riders. With the talent pool we’ve got on the team, with Andrew Mclean working on the engines and our squad of mechanics, we’ve managed to get things figured out and are having a great run.”

While Facciotti was checking out at the front of the MX1 pack in moto-one, teammate Blair Morgan was hammering his way to third on his YZ450F. “In the first moto there were lots of ruts and stuff,” he says. “It’s really gummy dirt, so the roost sticks to your goggles and you go through a lot of tear off’s. I passed Tyler (Medaglia) with two corners to go, but when I passed him we bumped and it must have forced my front brake caliper open. When I went into the last corner I had no front brakes and went wide. He got underneath me and we crossed side by side over the finish.” Morgan had a battle of a different sort in moto-two, when a flat tire turned his charge into a survival run. “I was battling with Medaglia and must have hit a rock or something. It was just one of those things. I had to ride the last four laps with a flat rear tire. It must have pinched on a rock, because it went flat instantly.” Fighting with that flat tire dragged Morgan back to 11th. “That’s ok,” he says. “I’m still fourth in the series standings and got seventh overall for the day. I wanted to do a little better in the second moto. I felt I was stronger than Dusty (Klatt) or (Simon) Homans and could have gotten second if I hadn’t flatted. In Nanaimo we’ll run Mousse tubes like they do in Europe. It’s rocky at Nanaimo, so it might make all the difference.”

Blair MorganMorgan’s positive attitude is evident throughout the Toyota/Yamaha Blackfoot Fox team, even though Jimmy Nelson was forced to sit out the race due to illness. “Blair is just really happy riding motorcycles,” relates Skidd. “He enjoys himself and he loves the ’08 YZ450F. He went down south for the first time in ages to train and work with JSR and Colton. They are just a great group of guys together. No fat heads. They all work together great as a team. Blair likes to help Colton, who has really come a long way in a couple of years. They are just great guys to work with. Blair has always had the speed, but the last time he’s shown it was a few years ago with us. He surprised everyone in ’06, and that year wasn’t as strong a start to the season as this year has been! The best for Blair is yet to come! There are a few tracks to come that favor these guys and their riding abilities.” Morgan continues “We’ve got three weeks off now, so it’s just riding and training and maybe a race in Calgary next week. My plan is to make this a podium season!”

Aron HarveyIn MX2, Aron Harvey and his YZ250F kept up their attack on the small-bore point’s battle. Qualifying eighth, Harvey stepped it up when the gate dropped for moto-one. “I didn’t get great lap times in qualifying, but I wasn’t too worried about it,” explains Harvey. “When I race it’s totally different than in practice. I felt good in practice, and during the moto’s I felt even better. I got an all right start in moto-one and was battling for sixth. Then about halfway through the moto my bike just started feeling weird. I wasn’t too worried about it and just kept going.” Harvey managed to hold onto sixth, but that ‘weird’ feeling turned out to be a critical problem that was also a testament to Yamaha reliability. Harvey continues “When I got back to the pits we realized that a rock had hit the engine and the oil had come out. It’s amazing it ran as well as it did for as long as it did!” He continues, laughing “Running a moto with no oil, well that shows how strong Yamaha’s are I guess! I had oil all over my boots and everything, especially the left side. I don’t know how I didn’t blow too many shifts, who knows? Maybe a lucky little bit of mud got on there and gave me some grip!”

Things went better in moto-two, but not before a frantic engine change. “They had to swap engines between motos,” says Harvey. “Ken and Pete did a great job swapping it really fast. I wasn’t nervous about racing moto-two with a different engine though. I know our motors are good.” Moto-two started off rough, but Harvey jammed his way through the pack. “I didn’t get a good start in moto-two and I got bumped by the guy on the outside. I think he fell. Then I got slammed by the guy on the inside, and I think he fell too. I was like 20th on the first lap, but just put my head down and eventually got into fourth. I could actually see third and second ahead of me. I caught up a little, but just not quite enough.” Harvey finished in fourth, good enough for fourth overall and second in the MX2 point’s chase.

Regina, Saskatchewan left Toyota/Yamaha Blackfoot Fox in control of the CMRC Monster Energy National MX Series, with the lessons from last year’s first Yamaha season paying off. “It took us a little bit to find our groove with the Yamaha’s, but we’ve obviously gotten through most of our learning with the new equipment,” says Skidd. “Yamaha’s are great bikes, it just took us a bit to understand them and exploit their strengths.” For Harvey, his first year in Canada, things are working out exceptionally well. “From the first round up to now things keep getting better,” elates Harvey. “There are a few things I need to work on, and I know what they are, so I’m going to work extra hard on that during the break and come back ready for the next race. You know, I look forward to every race. Every track is new to me, so I like it! This series so far has been a cool adventure!”

For MX1-series leader Facciotti the three-week break before round-five at Nanaimo, BC means time to recover from his round-one injury…not that that broken collarbone has slowed him down any! “My shoulder is still not 100%, but it gets better every day,” he explains. “I think by the next round it will be fully healed. I’m just anxious to take a couple days off riding to keep healing before I start practicing again. We have three weeks before the next race, so I have plenty of time to heal completely and continue with my training. I feel good about the next round. Everyone has a few weeks off and I know they will be practicing hard, so it should be a tough weekend of racing. I’m just going to train hard and come out at Nanaimo as strong as I can!”

The Toyota/Yamaha Blackfoot Fox steamroller continues to crush its way through the CMRC Monster Energy Motocross National Series at Nanaimo, BC July 12/13.

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