Clean Sweep for Dusty Klatt in MX1 - Facciotti Bridesmaid - Medaglia Podiums Third Overall in MX2.

Clean Sweep for Klatt!

Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox Racing’s Dusty Klatt turned the tables on his teammate Colton Facciotti at Round 7 of the Canadian Motocross Nationals in Moncton, NB this past Sunday.

With two impressive MX1 moto wins, Klatt was finally able to step on to the highest rung of the podium for his first overall victory since Round 7 in 2010, also at Riverglade MX Park in Moncton.

KlattThe clean sweep brings the defending champion’s total moto wins so far this season to three. Facciotti, meanwhile, snared second overall on the day, thanks to consistent 2-2 motos.

“I won here last year and I really felt up to going for a repeat. I felt good all day and just put my head down and tried to stay out of trouble. I got good starts both motos and thanks to the awesome power of my bike was able to get out front and stay there,” Klatt said. “Colt’s first moto problem while in the lead helped quite a bit, but I knew I had the speed to beat him. I think I proved that in the second moto, when he was all over me and I still managed to keep him behind me.”

In the volatile MX2 class, Tyler Medaglia scored third overall on the strength of 4-2 motos. It was the defending champ’s first round to date in which he failed to win at least one moto.

With a first MX1 moto holeshot, Facciotti once again looked to be well on his way to another win. But this time the St. Thomas, ON resident came up against a revitalized Dusty Klatt, who has been playing bridesmaid to his teammate all season long.


After the start, Klatt found himself in a chase group consisting of Michael Willard, BlackfootDirect Yamaha support rider Jared Allison, and the Americans Bobby Kiniry and Teddy Maier.

Klatt wasted no time at all to stick a pass on Willard to then chase down Facciotti, who had about a seven bike-lengths advantage.

Some 10 minutes into the moto, with Klatt closing in fast, Facciotti stalled his bike in a corner after his back wheel locked up. It was an opportune time for Klatt to take over the lead, with Kiniry settling behind him into second place.

Klatt proceeded to put more than 20 second on Kiniry, who was passed by Facciotti around the halfway point of the moto.

Using every bit of power of his explosive YZ 450F, Facciotti whittled Klatt’s huge lead down to some five seconds by the end of the moto, settling for second at the finish line.


Klatt’s and Facciotti’s blistering pace was so intense they had about 15 seconds to spare on third-place finisher Matt Goerke and lapped up to eighth place by the time the checkered flag signalled the end of moto.

The second moto holeshot was claimed by PJ Stratton, but with Klatt in his rear wheel Stratton’s turn to lead the pack ended moments later.

Fast starters Kiniry, Maier, and Facciotti also whipped past Stratton, who then disappeared from his lofty position with the frontrunners.

It took Facciotti only a few laps to displace Maier and Kiniry and then connect with his teammate to engage in a battle for first place that lasted most of the moto.



With neither rider giving an inch, Facciotti hounded Klatt so ferociously the gap between them ranged from half a second to three seconds, depending on the lappers who added to the usual chaos as faster riders tried to get past them.

Still, Klatt answered every one of Facciotti’s challenges to book his second moto win of the day. When all was said and done he and Facciotti had lapped all the way to seventh.

“Stalling my bike in the first moto didn’t help much. It was just one of those things that happens and you have to deal with it. By the time I got restarted I was in fourth place, I think it was. By the time I got into second place Dusty had totally checked out,” Facciotti said. “In the second moto, I didn’t get the best of starts but was able to catch up to Dusty pretty quickly. But he was just shredding and it was difficult to mount any successful attacks on him.”

MedagliaAlthough third overall would be the highlight of many a rider’s day if not career, for Tyler Medaglia it wasn’t quite what he had hoped for in the MX2 title hunt.

Despite a relatively good start in the first moto, which saw Medaglia dive into turn one just inside the top-10, he basically got stuck running in fourth place for most of the moto, where he finished when the checkered was waved.

Regardless of what he tried, he was unable to connect with third place running Tyler Sjoberg, second place Austin Politelli and archrival in the series, Kaven Benoit, who won the moto.

In the second moto, Medaglia rounded turn one around fifth place, which he turned into third on the first lap.

Up front Benoit and Sjoberg were battling for the lead, with Medaglia charging hard to set his sights on second place Sjoberg. Sjoberg finally took over lead from Benoit about midway through the moto. While Benoit was busy trying to keep Medaglia behind him, Sjoberg checked out to build up a 10-second lead.

For the next 10 minutes, Medaglia and Benoit pulled no punches in a dogfight for second place. Medaglia would pass Benoit only to be repassed moments later. This went on for a few laps until an error by Benoit allowed Medaglia to stick a definitive pass on him.


Meanwhile, Sjoberg had close to a 12-`second lead on Medaglia. Undaunted, and with the clock starting to run out, Medaglia put his potent YZ 250F through the paces to come within two seconds of the American at the finish line.

On the strength of 3-1 motos, Sjoberg recorded the overall win, his first in Canada. Benoit snared second overall on the strength of 1-3 motos while Medaglia recorded third overall on the day, thanks to his 4-2 results.

“I think I over trained a bit during the week and my wrist was still bothering me from my crash at Ste-Julie. I just didn’t feel like myself, especially in the first moto. I got a good enough start but wasn’t able to do much with it,” Medaglia said. “I didn’t want to take any unnecessary risks and stay smooth. At this stage I was racing for points. In between motos I had a good lunch and regrouped so I was feeling a bit more in a racing mode for the second moto.”

Dusty and Colt take first and second overallYour MX1 Podium

Your MX2 Podium!Your MX2 Podium

MX1 Points Standings After 7 Rounds
1 Colton Facciotti 335
2 Dusty Klatt 298
3 Teddy Maier 236
4 Kyle Keast 210
5 Bobby Kiniry 196
6 Matt Goerke 171
7 Shawn Maffenbeier 164
8 Kevin Urquhart 161
9 Mason Phillips 161
10 Jared Allison 141

MX2 Points Standings After 7 Rounds
1 Tyler Medaglia 315
2 Kaven Benoit 266
3 Austin Politelli 243
4 Tyler Sjoberg 205
5 Jeremy Medaglia 201
6 Kieran Leigh 166
7 Topher Ingalls 165
8 Brad Nauditt 155
9 Dylan Schmoke 105
10 Morgan Burger 101

Round 8 of the points chase resumes on Sunday, August 7th, in Richmond, Ontario at the Sand Del Lee Track.

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