Team Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox Racing "Marches On" to the Championship as Riders Sweep overalls in St. Julie

Colt continues to Dominate!Colton Facciotti and Tyler Medaglia were back in the winner’s circle at Round 6 of the Canadian Motocross Nationals in Ste-Julie, Quebec on Sunday.

Facciotti grabbed the MX1 overall with another impressive clean sweep while Medaglia cleared the task in MX2 on the strength of 5-1 motos.

Dusty Klatt, who continues to be the runner-up man in MX1, again nailed down second overall, thanks to consistent 2-2 motos.

Compared to the blistering heat and dripping humidity one week earlier at Gopher Dunes Raceway in Southwestern Ontario, blue skies, temperatures that hovered in the low 30s, and a stiff breeze greeted the National Tour.


In the first MX1 moto, Facciotti shot out of the gate on his explosive YZ 450F to deftly peg the holeshot in front of Klatt, Bobby Kiniry, Teddy Maier, Jared Allison and Matt Goerke.

Colton Facciotti

Dusty Klatt photos

An on fire Facciotti sent an early message to the rest of the field that he had every intention of winning the moto.

By the third lap Facciotti had laid down a 10 second gap on Klatt. By the time the checkered was waved he had doubled that amount to take his first moto win since Round 4.

For his part, Klatt put a lot of real estate between himself and the rest of the chase group, which included Maier, Goerke and Travis Sewell, riding in a comfortable second place that was never challenged for position.

Defending champion Klatt snared the second MX1 moto holeshot with Goerke, Maier, Robby Marshall, Kevin Urquhart, Facciotti and Kiniry in tow.

For the first 10 minutes Klatt had the moto firmly in control but his time was up once Facciotti had disposed of the riders in front of him.

Although Klatt reclaimed the lead around the halfway mark of the moto, Facciotti wasted little time getting it back and once up front stayed there till the finish line.

“It was a good day for me and the team and I want to thank everyone involved for their hard work. The team staff are the unsung heroes of our sport but without them it would not be possible to race at a winning level. My bike ran like clockwork and I’m excited to have brought another clean sweep to the table,” Facciotti said.

Dusty Klatt photos

Klatt, who had recorded the fastest qualifying time, did his best to stick with his teammate but was never in a position to mount a challenge. He finished about five seconds behind Facciotti at the checkered flag.

The first MX2 moto holeshot went to Tyler Medaglia’s brother Jeremy, who was followed into turn one by Topher Ingalls, Jarred Williams, and Jonathan Parise.

The younger Medaglia led wire-to-wire while the elder Medaglia was faced with a catch-up race after going down early in the moto. He had started around 10th place and was on the gas to connect with the frontrunners when he went down on the hardpack Circuit de Ste-Julie track to remount towards the back of the pack.

Tyler Medaglia photos

Because the track lends itself to high speed racing, everyone was going fast and passing was difficult. Still, an undaunted Medaglia stayed focused and creative, sticking passes on riders left and right to work his way into 12th place by the halfway point and a noteworthy fifth place at the finish line.

Tyler Medaglia!Little did he know at the time he was still in contention for the overall.

The second MX2 moto holeshot went to Tyler Sjoberg, who was relieved from the lead by an eager Kaven Benoit, a DNF victim in moto one, right after the first turn.

But Benoit’s position up front was equally short-lived when Medaglia, who had started around fifth, whipped by him on the second lap. A few laps later he had already muscled his YZ 250F into a 10 seconds lead on Benoit.

Medaglia, who had logged the fastest qualifying time, continued to widen the gap on Benoit, who finished about 30 seconds in second place at the checkered.

Tyler Medaglia

Because of attrition and a shake-up in the top five finishes in both motos, Medaglia was able to claim the overall by one point over Sjoberg who recorded 3-3 motos.

“I knew it was going to be close but all it takes is one point. It was a pleasant surprise to get the overall. I made a costly mistake in the first moto but the second one was smooth sailing. I knew I had to win if I was going to get on the overall podium so I just kept my head down and never looked back,” Medaglia said.

Your MX1 PodiumYour MX1 Podium

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Next Sunday, July 31st, Team Yamaha Red Bull Blackoot Fox Racing and the Monster Energy Motocross Nationals head to Riverlade MX Park in Moncton, New Brunswick!

MX1 Points Standings After 6 Rounds
1 Colton Facciotti 291
2 Dusty Klatt 248
3 Teddy Maier 200
4 Kyle Keast 186
5 Bobby Kiniry 160

MX2 Points Standings After 6 Rounds
1 Tyler Medaglia 275
2 Kaven Benoit 221
3 Austin Politelli 203
4 Jeremy Medaglia 170
5 Tyler Sjoberg 160

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