Facciotti & Medaglia Continue on the Road to the Championships at a Sun-baked Gopher Dunes National

Colton Facciotti

Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox Racing’s Colton Facciotti and Tyler Medaglia saw their four rounds winning streak broken at Round 5 of the Canadian Motocross Nationals at Gopher Dunes Raceway in Courtland, Ontario on Sunday.

But with second overall in the MX1 and MX2 respectively, they more than contained the damage, adding valuable points to their tally at the head of the current standings.

Colton Facciotti

Billed as the toughest track in Canada Gopher Dunes not only lived up to its name, the deep sand, ruts, and whoops were even more of a physical challenge thanks to a scorching sun that pushed temperatures into the mid-30s. With the humidity it was closer to 40°.

Among the many riders to succumb to the heat was Facciotti’s MX1 teammate Dusty Klatt. The defending champion still managed a sixth overall finish, however, ensuring that his second place in the points standings remains strong enough to still maintain a 33 points margin over third place Kyle Keast.

In the first MX1 moto, Facciotti put his potent YZ 450 into turn one in the rear wheel of Iain Hayden, who pegged the holeshot. Before the end of the lap, Facciotti charged into the lead and appeared to be on his way to another moto victory.

On his tail when he passed Hayden, however, was a reborn Matt Goerke, who stuck to Facciotti like glue for the next few laps. The American proved to be relentless in his challenge for the lead, which he took control of about five laps into the race.

Although Facciotti mounted a few challenges of his own, especially towards the end of the moto, Goerke proved to be one heck of a tough customer. From his body English and confident riding style, it was obvious that Goerke was intent on winning his first Canadian moto.

When the checkered was waved, Facciotti crossed the finish line some seven seconds behind Goerke.

The start of the second moto saw Facciotti dive into turn one around sixth place. Up front there was an immediate battle for the lead between Michael Willard, who nailed the holeshot, and Goerke.

Facciotti quickly charged into the top-five mix, but as in the first moto, it took him a while to get comfortable on his bike and deal with the extreme heat.

He gradually clawed his way into third and in the closing laps of the moto stuck a pass on Kyle Keast to claim second place. With time running out he was unable to challenge Goerke, who had led more than half the moto to establish his superiority for the day.

“It was definitely brutal out there and the object of the game was to stay on two wheels and survive. In both motos I really didn’t seem to get it together until the end,” Facciotti said. “My hat goes off to Matt, who rode exceptionally well today. But seeing he’s quite a ways back in the points, I decided to race for the championship and not so much for first. Under the circumstances second place in both motos was about as good as it was going to get for me.”

Dusty Klatt photos

Dusty Klatt photos

Meanwhile, Klatt, who also got a top-10 start in the first moto, managed to get no farther than fifth place by the time the gruelling moto ended. Like so many other riders, he was definitely having problems dealing with the extreme temperatures.

In the second moto, Klatt booked another half decent start but this time a get-off, which saw him fly over the handlebars, pretty well kyboshed the rest of his day.

Although he remounted towards the back of the pack, he dug deep and managed to finish in 10th place, which gave him sixth overall on the day.

Tyler Medaglia photos

“The heat and humidity were a bit too much for this BC boy. Crashing in the second moto didn’t help. I just didn’t seem to have it in me today. But my bike ran good and that made things a little easier,” Klatt said.

Despite his lacklustre day Klatt remains firmly grounded in second place in the current points standings, carrying a cushion of 33 points on third in the title hunt, Kyle Keast.

Tyler Medaglia

In the volatile MX2 class, defending champ Medaglia saw his first moto turn into a back of the pack catch-up race after he was held up by another rider in the start.

Despite this misfortune, Medaglia soldiered on picking off more than half the field on the first lap on his YZ 250F. It would take him till the halfway mark to knife his way into the top five.

Once he had joined the frontrunners, he stuck a pass on archrival in the series, Kaven Benoit. Brad Nauditt was next to succumb to Medaglia’s pressure.

Tyler Medaglia

Tyler Sjoberg, who was now the only rider left between Medaglia and lead dog Austin Politelli, crashed out leaving the door wide open for Medaglia to hunt down Politelli.

Although he sliced Politelli’s phenomenal lead down to three seconds in the closing laps, there wasn’t enough time left on the clock challenge for the lead, leaving Medaglia to settle for second at the checkered flag.

In the second moto Medaglia was fifth off the start, but that position was lost by the end of the first lap when he high-sided and went down for a soil sample. He remounted somewhere towards the back of the pack, again having his work cut out for him to save the day.

Tyler Medaglia

By the midpoint of the race Medaglia was running in eighth; with ten minutes left on the clock he was in fifth place. In the closing lap he pulled out all the stops to get past Topher Ingalls and Nauditt to take the checkered flag in third place, taking home second overall on the day.

“It wasn’t a winning day for me but I made up some points on second place in the standings so it was still a productive day. Politelli was on top of his game and the way things unfolded I wasn’t really able to challenge him. It was a crazy day out there and I’m sure I speak for everyone else when I say that I’m glad it’s over,” Medaglia said.


MX1 Podium

Your MX2 Podium

Stay with us as the team heads to Circuit de Ste-Julie, Quebec this upcoming Sunday, July 24th!

MX1 Points Standings After 5 Rounds
1 Colton Facciotti 241
2 Dusty Klatt 204
3 Kyle Keast 171
4 Teddy Maier 162
5 Bobby Kiniry 144

MX2 Points Standings After 5 Rounds
1 Tyler Medaglia 234
2 Kaven Benoit 199
3 Austin Politelli 169
4 Jeremy Medaglia 145
5 Tyler Sjoberg 120

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