Facciotti & Medaglia Continue Their Winning Ways, While Klatt Continues to be Bridesmaind After 4 Rounds.

Colt continues to Dominate!Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox Racing’s Colton Facciotti and Tyler Medaglia wrapped up the western leg of the Canadian Motocross Nationals with overall wins at a rain plagued and mud infested Shadow Valley Raceway in Morden, MB on Sunday.

Although Facciotti’s six-moto winning streak was broken by his MX1 teammate Dusty Klatt in the first moto, the Aldergrove, BC native saved the day by recording the overall on the strength of 2-1 motos.

As at the first three rounds of the series, Klatt delivered second overall on the strength of 1-2 motos.

In the volatile MX2 class, defending champ Medaglia garnered the overall thanks to his second consecutive clean sweep of the season.

Coming off a mud race in Calgary the previous weekend, Morden proved to be more of the same – except it was a lot worse!

Rain during the week and a thunder storm of biblical proportions on Saturday night turned Shadow Valley into a quagmire that saw the second MX2 moto shortened to 15 minutes plus two laps and the second MX1 moto to 20 minutes plus two laps.

After snaring the first MX1 moto holeshot, Yamalube BlackfootDirect Yamaha’s Jared Allison briefly lost the lead to Klatt. By the end of the first lap he reclaimed it, however, and then went on to run his own race all the way to the finish line.

Dusty interview with GauldyKlatt quickly pulled about ten bike lengths on the chase group which included Facciotti, Allison, Teddy Maier and Kevin Urquhart.

Although Facciotti, who installed himself into second place within a few laps after the start, made up some ground on Klatt by the end of the moto, he rode a semi-conservative race and never challenged his teammate for position.

Despite treacherous ruts and sticky mud that clung to the riders and bikes like glue, Klatt and Facciotti kept a relentless pace going that saw them lap all the way to fourth place.

Yamaha-mounted Shawn Maffenbeier grabbed the second moto holeshot followed by Facciotti, Michael Willard, Matt Goerke and Jay Burke.

Dusty in the MudFacciotti resigned Maffenbeier to second place by the end of the first lap; two laps later he had stamped out an eight seconds lead on his potent YZ 450F.

Once in charge of the moto, a smooth running Facciotti was never threatened for position, taking the win by a landslide and logging his fourth consecutive overall finish of the series.

“I got into the lead fairly early in the second moto, which helped to get some clear riding but I still ended up pulling all my tear-offs and had to make a pit stop to get another pair. Other than that things went pretty smoothly for me on my YZ 450, which handled the mud beautifully,” said Facciotti.

Klatt, meanwhile, got off to a less favourable start rounding turn one somewhere around tenth place. Charging hard he had clawed his way into third place by the halfway mark to set his sights on second place running Willard.

Team Manager, Dean Thompson workin hard

Within a few laps Klatt stuck a pass on Willard to then chase down Facciotti, who had about a ten-second cushion on second place.

Although the defending champion managed to close the gap on his teammate, there was not enough time on the clock to mount a challenge due to the shortened moto.

“I pushed as hard as I dared today without taking too many chances. The track conditions were just too wicked. I got a good start in the first moto and that’s what you needed to win today,” said Klatt.

“My start in the second moto wasn’t what it should have been so I had to race smart to at least salvage second place. My Blackfoot Racing bike worked awesome today. I knew I could depend on it to get me through the mud.”

Tyler seems to enjoy the mud?No. 4 ranked Kaven Benoit claimed the first MX2 moto holeshot with Tyler Medaglia in his wake.

Benoit and Medaglia made a quick get-away establishing a 15-second gap on third place Austin Politelli and the rest of the chase group before the end of the first lap.

Benoit’s lead ended soon after. Once up front, Medaglia never looked back. He kept his head down and rode a focused race finishing more than one minute ahead of Benoit.

Benoit pegged the second moto holeshot as well, with Medaglia, Politelli, Jeremy Medaglia and Morgan Burger comprising the first chase group.

As in the first moto Medaglia again stuck a pass on Benoit within a few laps, riding his YZ 250F as if the deep mud and ruts didn’t factor into the equation.

Politelli, who had passed Benoit around the halfway mark of the moto, managed to reduce Medaglia’s lead to about three second in the closing laps of the moto.

But a bobble by Politelli while mounting a challenge for position saw Medaglia, who had been hampered by a lapper, home free with some 10 seconds to spare.

“And here we thought Calgary was a mud race. Today’s track conditions redefined that. It was pretty brutal out there. But despite some loose moments that could have ended in disaster for me I felt good and totally in control. I once again have to commend my mechanic and Blackfoot Racing for providing me with a winning bike,” said Medaglia.

“Somehow our team makes it look easy however I know the hard work that every member on the team has put in in order to dominate the series like they have and it is far from easy,” said team owner Jason Mitchell. “We have had everything thrown at us from weather to the top competition we face every weekend, however the team has responded in a huge way. Being our 12th year racing the nationals the experience and effort has definitely shown with such strong results.”

Colt and Dusty take first and second overall

Tyler takes first place!

Team Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox Racing would like to congratulate Colton, Dusty and Tyler for their astounding success at the first four rounds of the nationals. A special thank you goes to our team staff for all their hard work and a huge shout to our quality sponsors who help us put it all together.

With the end of the western rounds, the national tour takes a two-week break before resuming for Round 5 at Gopher Dunes in Courtland, Ontario on July 17th.

MX1 Points Standings After 4 Rounds
1 Colton Facciotti 197
2 Dusty Klatt 177
3 Teddy Maier 140
4 Kyle Keast 131
5 Kevin Urquhart 112
6 Bobby Kiniry 108
7 Michael Willard 96
8 Mason Phillips 92
9 Shawn Maffenbeier 92
10 Brock Hoyer 87

MX2 Points Standings After 4 Rounds
1 Tyler Medaglia 192
2 Kaven Benoit 159
3 Jeremy Medaglia 145
4 Austin Politelli 119
5 Morgan Burger 101
6 Spencer Knowles 96
7 Tyler Sjoberg 85
8 Kieran Leigh 83
9 Dylan Schmoke 81
10 Brad Nauditt 78

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