Banner weekend for team Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox Racing

Round one in Kamloops, British Columbia!

It was a banner weekend for Team Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox Racing at Round 1 of the Canadian Motocross Nationals at Whispering Pines Raceway in Kamloops, BC this past Sunday.

With Colton Facciotti’s overall win in MX1 and Tyler Medaglia’s victory in MX2, the team picked up where it left off last season. To add to that tally, Dusty Klatt’s second overall in MX1 puts the icing on the cake.

Colton Facciotti enjoying the great weatherBlue skies, balmy temperatures and a physically demanding track greeted the national tour combatants as they kicked off the new season.

Considering their dominance in 2010, it’s not surprising that defending MX1 Champion Klatt, defending MX2 Champion Medaglia and former MX1 champ Facciotti enter the title hunt as the favourites.

Facciotti, whose season ended early in 2010 due to injuries while he was leading the MX1 points chase, made it clear with an impressive clean sweep that he intends to reclaim the title this year.

Although the first moto holeshot was claimed by Klatt, it didn’t take Facciotti long to take over the lead from his teammate – in fact, it took him less than two laps. Once in control, Facciotti lay down such a blistering pace only Klatt was able to match his speed.


The Blackfoot duo deftly separated themselves from the chase group, which included Brock Hoyer, Bobby Kiniry and Teddy Maier, basically running their own race. By the halfway point Facciotti and Klatt had lapped up to half the field; more would succumb by the end of the moto.

Despite some super efforts Klatt was never able to really challenge Facciotti for the lead, coming no closer than within a few bike lengths. When the checkered signalled the end of the moto, Klatt finished about twenty plus seconds behind Facciotti. Maier, who latched onto third place, finished quite a bit behind Klatt.

The second moto holeshot went to local rider PJ Stratton, who then quickly disappeared outside of the top-10. Facciotti, who once again delivered a top-three start, wasted no time taking over the lead, where he would comfortably stay until the finish line with the rest of the contenders trailing far behind.

Facciotti was never threatened for position as he ran away from the pack.. He lapped all the way to 10th place and finished some 27 seconds ahead of second place Bobby Kiniry.

“I knew I had to make a strong impact today and with the amazing power of my YZ 450F I was able to do that. I just kept my head down and focused on racing my own race. The team is so solid again this year and they continue to make improvements in the program which only makes my job easier as well,” Facciotti said.


Klatt, who got off to a lukewarm start rounding turn one outside the top-five, turned on the heat to connect with second place running Kiniry. Despite putting on the pressure, Klatt was unable to get by No.3 ranked Kiniry and eventually settled into a secure third place finish that he took all the way to the end of the race.

“I really wanted that second place in moto two but decided to take satisfaction with third, because I knew it would still get me a second overall finish and a good points start to the season.” Klatt said.


In MX2 action, Tyler Medaglia convincingly proved why he is the defending champion by turning a first turn crash off the start into a third place at the finish line. After taking a soil sample and remounting dead last and some 38 seconds plus behind the leader, Medaglia set feverishly to work to contain the damage.

KlattFor more than half of the moto, Medaglia pushed the envelope on his explosive YZ 250F, battling his way into the top-five. Only Austin Politelli and Spencer Knowles stood between him and the leader, Jeremy Medaglia, as the moto entered its final laps.

Tyler Medaglia’s dogged determination to finish top-five paid off in dividends, however, when he inherited third from Knowles and Politelli, who tangled and went down within sight of the finish line.

The second moto saw Medaglia start outside the top-five but compared to the first moto, it was just a hop, skip and a jump before he connected with Jeremy Medaglia and the American Tyler Sjoberg, who was at the head of the pack.

Jeremy Medaglia quickly succumbed to his brother’s relentless attacks. By the halfway point of the moto Tyler Medaglia had reduced the five-second lead Sjoberg had on him to zero. Once in the lead, Medaglia stayed there until the end never to be challenged for position and taking the checkers with a comfortable 15 second lead.

MedagliaAlthough it still looked like Jeremy Medaglia was going to claim first overall on the day, after he passed Sjoberg for second place, Sjoberg reclaimed runner-up thus assuring Tyler Medaglia top spot on the overall podium.

“There are easier ways to finish in the top-three than coming from the back of the pack but that first moto crash in turn one allowed me to gage myself and my bike. I knew I was up for it and then to get third practically given to me on a silver platter was sweet. The second moto I was really motivated to take the win. My bike worked so well this weekend which always helps a lot,” Medaglia said.

“The team again did there homework in the off season and it really showed this weekend,” said team owner Jason Mitchell. “This year was a tough year for budgets however with the help of all our great sponsors we were able to continue the development on the equipment and help all the riders with training program. Everyone on the team has shown their passion for our industry, worked hard and were rewarded this weekend. I am very proud of each and everyone of them!

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Colt and Dusty take first and second overall

Tyler takes first place!

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