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Team Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox Racing

Team Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox Racing would like to thank all the teams partners and sponsors in assembling an “All Canadian Rider” championship capable team for the 2010 CMRC National MX Series. Round 1 kicks off this Sunday, June 6th at Whispering Pines Raceway in Kamloops B.C.

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Leading the team in the MX-1 division is 2008 and 2009 defending National Champion, Colton Faciotti. Two time MX-2 and 2006 MX-1 Champion Dusty Klatt will also be on the championship hunt for 2010 after two years of being the bridesmaid wearing the #2 plate. Both riders will be riding the all new Yamaha YZ450F bikes.

In the highly contested MX-2 class both Tyler Medaglia and Kyle Beaton stand poised to be legitimate threats for the championship on board the Yamaha YZ250F bikes. Beaton is returning for his second year with the team while Medaglia has moved over to this class after a number of successful years in the MX-1 division.

Close-up of Colton's bikeAfter completely dominating the MX-1 series in 2009 Faciotti is back stronger than ever this year. “I am definitely more prepared this year than I have ever been before”, he says. “My program has been working for me in the past and I only did a few tweaks here and there to ensure I was at my best for the opening round. My race bike is so strong this year and I cannot wait for the gate to drop in Kamloops!”

Finishing 2nd overall is not something Faciotti’s team-mate Dusty Klatt is pleased about. “Last year I really thought I was going to push Colt for the Championship however as the season progressed I realized there were some areas in my program that needed more attention”, Klatt commented. “This year I started preparing earlier to ensure I had addressed these issues during my training in California over the winter and I am very positive that my fitness level is where it needs to be to run upfront and get that #1 plate back on my bike.”

Making the move from the MX-1 class to the MX-2 class did not even draw a hesitation for National #5 Tyler Medaglia. “After meeting with Blackfoot at the end of the season last year and discussing the move I knew right away it was the right decision”, offered Tyler. “Blackoot is the premiere racing team in Canada and to have the opportunity to be part of their team and ride one of their bikes has been a dream for me for many years. After working together with them over the last 6 months testing and training, I now understand why they have won so many championships! The team works so hard to ensure we have what we need to win and now it is up to me to put my Yamaha on the podium.”

Team Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox Racing

Returning rider Kyle Beaton is focused on redeeming himself after a tough start last year. I was so ready last year for the opening round, both physically and mentally,” said Beaton. “Then the first corner in the first moto I went down and injured my wrist which was not the way I wanted to start the series. However, I guess you live and learn and this year my goal is to stay healthy and podium every round which will hopefully translate into a Championship for me and the team.”

This will be our 11th consecutive year of racing the National Series in Canada,” commented team owner Jason Mitchell. “We have been very fortunate in the years to have many great riders which have delivered us 14 National Championships however we have never had an all Canadian Championship capable team before. It has been a goal for us for many years so we are very excited to have finally achieved this. Every year the competition gets tougher and tougher and this year is no exception, although I do believe that everyone on our team has done their homework to ensure the best possible results for all our partners and sponsors of the team.”

Team Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox Racing“We would like to thank each and every sponsor for their support,” Mitchell continued. “Having such a great company like Yamaha Canada as the backbone of the effort makes thing easier in ensuring the team's success. We are also very proud of our relationship with Red Bull and Fox as primary supporters. Both of these companies have been so supportive. As well there are so many other great companies that have been with us for many years that make our effort possible. Without each and every sponsor none of our past, present or future results could be possible!”

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