Team Yamaha Blackfoot take home MX1 and MX2 #1 plates!

The final round of the 2010 CMRC Canadian Nationals at Walton Raceway, Ontario saw both Dusty Klatt & Tyler Medaglia presented with the coveted #1 CMRC plates at the end of the day.

Klatt and Medaglia with MitchellTeam Yamaha/Red Bull/Blackfoot/Fox Racing’s Dusty Klatt had clinched the MX1 Championship at the penultimate round in Richmond, ON - while Tyler Medaglia had to wait until the final round of the nationals in Walton on Sunday to cement the MX2 Championship.

Medaglia – who held a 20 point margin over defending MX2 champ Teddy Maier going into Walton – cleared the task with grit and style, convincingly winning the first moto. He then settle for a calculated fifth in the second moto.

Meanwhile, Klatt gave it his usual 110% by snaring third place in the first MX1 moto and a win in the second moto, which gave him second overall on the day.

Although it was a bittersweet season in many regards for Team Yamaha Blackfoot Fox Racing, 2010 still proved to be yet another milestone year: two championship efforts – two championship wins!

Team Yamaha Blackfoot take home MX1 and MX2 #1 plates!

Ever since the team joined the national motocross tour in 2000, when it snagged the 125 West Championship, it has been its aim to dominate both classes in a single season. While the team has held reign over the MX1 division every year from 2001 until today (except for 2007), and either won the MX2 East or West Championship, it never won the No.1 plate in all three classes in the same season.

KlattIn 2008, when the MX2 Championship went from an east/west regional to a coast-to-coast title hunt, injuries kept the team from contention; ditto in 2009. However, finally, in 2010 - the mission to totally rule MX1 and MX2 has been accomplished!

Including these two Championships, the team has now won a total of 16 Championship plates in eleven years of racing! The titles are divided into: 9 MX-1 Championships – 1 MX-2 Coast to Coast Championship – 6 MX-2 West Championships – 1 East Coast Championship.

“We came close to winning both the MX2 East and West Championships in the same year on a number occasions, but somehow a sweep eluded us. We were in the hunt in both the ’08 and ’09 MX2 National Championship, but again we came up short. To finally win both these championships is a great feeling and it reflects what our team is all about, hard work, focus and determination,” said team owner Jason Mitchell.

In the MX1 point’s chase, there was never any question that Team Yamaha/Red Bull/Blackfoot/Fox Racing would keep a solid grip on the No.1 plate with either Colton Facciotti or Dusty Klatt. Unfortunately for Colt, he was unable to defend his title due to injuries – missing five rounds – and finished the season with a still respectable No.10 ranking.

MedagliaKlatt, who won a number of MX2 West titles as well as the ’06 MX1 Championship for the team, proved a worthy contender this year by accumulating 368 points, 69 more than runner-up in the series Kornel Nemeth despite two DNFs.

Medaglia, for his part, led the MX2 title hunt from the get-go, and despite one DNF kept his head down to finish the season with 383 points, 17 more than runner-up Teddy Maier. Medaglia was consistent and on the overall podium every weekend he finished both motos which resulted in his first ever “well-deserved” Canadian Championship.

At the final round at Walton Raceway, Klatt showed his championship form to connect with the front-runners from a start just outside the top-10 in moto one. An on the gas Klatt picked off rider after rider to then challenge Bobby Kiniry for the lead in what insiders have called the moto of the year.

KlattIn handlebar-banging action, Klatt twice went down trying to stick a pass on a relentless Kiniry. The first time, Klatt remounted around fifth and worked his way into second again to re-challenge Kiniry for the lead. After the second get-off, Klatt again remounted somewhere around fifth, but with time running out he had to settle for third at the checkered flag.

In the second moto, Klatt got a top-five start and some four laps into the race displaced Kiniry, who got the holeshot from the lead. This time there was no contest as Klatt piloted his explosive Yamaha YZ 450F to a definite win.

In the first MX2 moto, Medaglia, rounded the first corner in third place which he parlayed into the lead before the midway point. Once in control, Medaglia was never really challenged for position, finishing the race ahead of archrival Teddy Maier and increasing his point lead to 23 going into the final moto of the series.

Medaglia’s teammate, Kyle Beaton, also got a good start and ran top-five for about half the moto. After a bobble, he lost a number of positions to end up finishing 10th.

The second moto holeshot went to Medaglia with Kyle Beaton, Kaven Benoit and the teammates Teddy Maier and Shawn Rife in pursuit.

After leading the first half of the moto, Medaglia decided to ease off on the throttle of his potent YZ 250F. He rode a calculated race to the checkered flag, ending the final MX2 moto of the year in fifth. On the strength of 1-5 motos, Medaglia still mounted the podium in a respectable third overall.

Kyle Beaton

Beaton, who missed all but the two final rounds this season due to injuries, stayed in the top-five mix to engage in some on-the-edge battles that saw him finish in third place taking home 10th overall on the day. Yamaha support riders Jared and Parker Allison – who both logged their MX2 breakthrough season this year – lived up to expectations by running strong in the top-10.

In the first moto, Jared recorded fourth while Parker grabbed seventh. In the second moto, Parker nailed down a sixth place finish just ahead of Jared in seventh. Jared claimed a noteworthy fifth overall on the day while Parker brought home seventh. The twin brothers finished the season with a well-earned No. 5 and No. 6 plate respectively.

Team Yamaha/Red Bull/Blackfoot/Fox Racing would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Dusty and Tyler on their championship-winning season. A big thank you goes to the entire crew for their hard work this year. And a special thank you to all our sponsors and supporters, as without them our success on and off the track would not be possible.

Team Yamaha Blackfoot take home MX1 and MX2 #1 plates!

Special thanks to all our sponsors and supporters as without them our success on and off the track would not be possible.

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MX1 Points Standings After Nine Rounds
1 Dusty Klatt 368
2 Kornel Nemeth 299
3 Bobby Kiniry 291
4 Kyle Keast 255
5 Josh Demuth 253
6 Mason Phillips 243
7 Freddy Karrle 232
8 Troy Adams 229
9 Kevin Urquhart 205
10 Colton Facciotti 200

MX2 Points Standings After Nine Rounds
1 Tyler Medaglia 383
2 Teddy Maier 366
3 Jeremy Medaglia 316
4 Kaven Benoit 297
5 Jared Allison 270
6 Parker Allison 218
7 Shawn Rife 217
8 Eric Nye 187
9 Kerim Fitz-Gerald 172
10 Spencer Knowles 164
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