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KLATTIntermittent clouds and sun set the stage for round 6 in St. Julie, Quebec for a dominating performance by Team Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox Racing’s Dusty Klatt, as he went 1-1 for overall. Meanwhile his team-mate Colton Facciotti had a tough weekend, going down while leading the opening moto. Tyler Medaglia maintained his points lead in the MX-2 series in what will be remembered as bitter-sweet weekend for the team.

The 2010 Canadian Nationals will be remembered as a season that no team, rider or fan will forget, as the points chase for the championship’s have seen dramatic changes every weekend. Even though a Blackfoot Yamaha rider has won every moto to date in the MX-1 class this season, the score sheet does not reflect the dominance as both riders Facciotti and Klatt have had their share of bad luck at different times during the season.

KLATTWith a new-found confidence, Klatt rounded the first corner on his Yamaha YZ450F in flat-track style taking the holeshot and never looking back. Again, he crossed the finish line with a substantial lead of over 20 seconds over Nemeth and Demuth - letting his competition know he was going to be a force for the coveted #1 plate for 2010. Klatt now leads the title chase by 22 points over Kiniry, and Facciotti sits third just 4 points out of second.

“I am just taking this season corner by corner, lap by lap, moto by moto,” said a rejuvinated Dusty. “I came into this weekend telling myself that anything can happen and to just have fun and try and be consistent. I was looking forward to challenging Colt this weekend as I felt really good in practice and qualifying. He has been riding great this year and I really hope he is ok and we can put on a good show to the last round in Walton!”

J. Allison and T. Medaglia

Qualifying in MX-2 was lead by Yamaha’s Tyler Medgalia, which allowed him first choice on gate pick. However, there did not seem to be much of an advantage as he found himself running 6th after the 1st lap. By the third lap, he worked his way into 3rd behind Teddy Maier and local favorite Kaven Benoit. Although he was only 3 seconds from second at the checkered flag, Medgalia did not get the results he had hoped for by finishing 3rd.

Jared AllisonIn the 2nd moto, again Tyler did not get the start he wanted although by the end of the first lap he had moved into 4th. At the 10 minute mark he passed Jared Allison to take over the 2nd position and began to set his sights on the race leader Benoit. A little over the halfway mark he disappeared from the track with a mechanical problem handing over his position to rival Teddy Maier. Benoit managed to hang on for the win in his home province with Maier in 2nd.

Coming into the weekend, Medaglia enjoyed a 41 point lead and now sees his gap trimmed back to 14, as he still maintains a points lead with 3 rounds and 6 motos left in the championship battle with Teddy Maier.

Jared AllisonProving that hard work and a positive attitude pays dividends,’s support rider Jared Allison had his best weekend of his career, grabbing the holeshot in the 2nd MX-2 moto aboard his Yamaha YZ250F and finishing 3rd overall for the day! His brother Parker could not manage similar results although he rode smooth and consistent as he finished 9th overall. When the dust settled both riders find themselves firmly in the hunt in the top 10 standings for the series. Jared now sits in 6th just 12 points from Eric Nye in 5th while Parker is in 8th overall. A great effort and program from Canada’s nicest MX family on tour for 2010. Congratulations to them all!

MX-1 Podium

MX-2 Podium

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MX1 Points Standings After Six Rounds
1 Dusty Klatt 226
2 Bobby Kiniry 204
3 Colton Facciotti 200
4 Josh Demuth 178
5 Kyle Keast 177
6 Mason Phillips 177
7 Kornel Nemeth 170
8 Freddy Karrle 161
9 Troy Adams 145
10 Kevin Urquhart 133

MX2 Points Standings After Six Rounds
1 Tyler Medaglia 245
2 Teddy Maier 231
3 Jeremy Medaglia 208
4 Kaven Benoit 196
5 Eric Nye 187
6 Jared Allison 175
7 Shawn Rife 172
8 Parker Allison 131
9 Spencer Knowles 130
10 Kerim Fitz-Gerald 120
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