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Motocross Nationals at WRMC


Facciotti with MediaTeam Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox Racing’s Colton Facciotti proved again that he is the fastest and most prepared contender in the MX-1 series as he completely dominated and annihilated the competition during these weekend National MX races. Unfortunately his team-mate, Dusty Klatt did not fair as well suffering from surprise mechanical issues while running 2nd in both motos. Tyler Medaglia finished 2-2 for 2nd overall in the MX-2 class and continues to lead the Championship by 17 points. Support riders Jared and Parker Allison powered their way to 5th and 6th overall respectfully putting half of the top 6 bikes as Yamaha YZF250’s.

Sunny and hot weather conditions greeted an outstanding rider and spectator turnout to round 2 of the Canadian Nationals at Castrol Raceway in Edmonton, Alberta.

For MX-1 qualifying the dynamic duo of Klatt and Facciotti were on top of the results as many hoped to see these two Yamaha Fox mounted teammates duel it out in the upcoming 2-moto format. Klatt was coming off of a stomach ailment he suffered last weekend and was in much better spirits as he powered to the holeshot in Moto 1 however by the time they had completed the first lap Facciotti was in the lead with Dusty in hot pursuit. Klatt managed to stay within 5 second of Colt for the first 10 minutes or so and then Facciotti started to gain time and at the 30-minute mark he enjoyed a 25 plus second lead on Klatt who also commanded a substantial lead on Rockstar Suzuki’s Bobby Kiniry. The team’s hope of another 1-2 punch fizzled when a mechanical issue stunned Klatt and the team with only a few laps left relegating him to a DNF. Not knowing what mechanical issue that Klatt had suffered the team pit-boarded Facciotti to do a quick pit stop, which he did and sent him back out for the last few laps. He crossed the finish line with still a 38 second lead over Kiniry who was fortunate enough to inherit 2nd over fellow American Josh Demuth.

Klatt and Facciotti

In the 2nd MX-1 moto Facciotti grabbed the holeshot and never looked back. Again Klatt was in hot pursuit only to again have a mystery mechanical issue take him out of the race. Facciotti cruised to another win to mark his 4th straight moto victory this year to take a commanding lead on the series while Dusty has his work cut out for him to get back his #2 plate by the end of the series with a 40 point deficit.

Tyler MedagliaThe MX-2 field for 2010 is stacked with some very fast riders for Tyler Medaglia to deal with including; defending champion Monster Kawasaki’s Teddy Maier, his team mates American Shawn Rife, Spencer Knowles, KTM’s contingent of Eric Nye, Jeremy Medaglia, Kaven Benoit plus BlackfootDirect Yamaha support riders Jared and Parker Alison. Each and every practice, qualifier, and moto is super action packed as all the top racers compete at a very high intensity level.

With Maier suffering from a DNF in the first round in Kamloops, Yamaha Red Bull’s Tyler Medaglia enjoyed a 23-point cushion going into round two. Consistency for the rest of the season will be the key for Tyler’s championship quest, especially this weekend as Tyler suffered from stomach flu symptoms. For Maier he is in a must win position to continue to try and get those valuable points back that he lost. The stage was set for a great weekend of racing.

Medaglia's BikeMoto 1 saw Maier grab the holeshot followed by Rife, Jeremy Medaglia and Tyler in 4th. In just a few corners Tyler moved around his brother Jeremy for 3rd and started mounting attacks on Rife’s rear wheel trying to get around him. Rife continued to block for his team-mate Maier and with 6 laps to go he moved around Rife to settle into a steady pace for 2nd. Meanwhile BlackfootDirect support riders Jared and Parker Allison put in brilliant rides to finish 5-7th respectively.

The second moto saw a similar start however in just a few corners, Medaglia moved from 4th into 2nd and starting pushing on Maier for the win. Considering his overall position in the series and lack of energy due to his stomach ailments, Tyler settled down to finish 2nd again and take 2nd overall for the day, garnering valuable points. In a mirror performance from the first moto, the Allison twins again finished 5-7th and ended up at 5th and 6th overall for the day.

Colt's #1 Bike“Every race weekend presents different circumstances and everyone’s ability to adjust and react in a positive manner will translate into championships,” said team owner Jason Mitchell. “Obviously we feel very disheartened for Dusty and believe me we did everything possible to ensure things like this do not happen however it is racing. Colt has definitely matured to another level and is representing very strong values to all the other riders on what it takes to be a multi-time champion. We are also very impressed with Tyler Medaglia, particularly his level of professionalism and his maturity on making good strong decisions both on off the track. Every rider is stepping it up including Jared and Parker Allison. The Allison family is such a great addition to our support program and not only represents Blackfoot at the highest possible level; they are also developing into consistently strong contenders. The team will continue to work closely with all of our riders to ensure they have everything they need to bring home a championship and strong results for themselves, the team and all of our great sponsors and supporters!”

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