Team Toyota Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox Racing

JuLY 20, 2009


The Magic is back as Klatt takes the overall; Facciotti wins first Moto for third overall at Gopher Dunes

Klatt & Facciotti on the PodiumTeam Toyota Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox Racing riders Dusty Klatt and Colton Facciotti brought the Blackfoot magic back to the sands of Courtland, Ontario on July 19th 2009, with both athletes pushing themselves and their Yamaha YZ450Fs to the limit on the notoriously demanding Gopher Dunes circuit for first and third overall finishes, respectively.

Klatt’s win marked a long awaited return to the top of the box for the former champion, as the last time he stood there was on August 20th, 2006, the same day he claimed the MX1 national title of that year. “I’m definitely pumped,” exclaimed Dusty. “It’s the first overall win that I’ve had in a long time and it definitely feels good to get back up there. That track claimed a lot of guys today and I’m just glad I was able to get good starts, stay consistent and stay out of trouble. Dusty KlattI would have liked to have got a moto win for sure but I think it’s more important to be safe and stay in it for the championship. I’d like give a big thanks to my mechanic Andrew and to the whole Toyota Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox Racing crew for all their hard work; I definitely couldn’t do it without those guys.”

If Klatt was the most consistent man on the track, then Facciotti was definitely the fastest. Colton left the competition shaking their heads as he took the first moto win with an astonishing forty second lead. “I was feeling really good out there today,” said Colton. Colton Facciotti“I’ve never really considered myself a sand rider so I kind of surprised myself by pulling out such a big lead in that first moto. Obviously I wanted repeat that performance in the second moto but I collided with a downed rider on the first lap and could only work my way back up to sixth. I’m a bit disappointed about that but I’m still in the lead for the championship and that’s what it’s all about.”

The team’s MX2 effort unfortunately didn’t enjoy the same success on the day as Dusty and Colton; Aron Harvey struggled to get comfortable in the sandy conditions and finished eighth overall while Kyle Beaton used his Yamaha YZ250F to pull a big first moto holeshot, but then had trouble keeping his machine on two wheels and could only manage sixteenth. Five-time Canadian national champion and team trainer Jean-Sebastien Roy talks about the performance of his athletes: “Overall it was a good day for our team. We had a tough day in MX2 but I think the competition is bit tougher in that class and this track was super rough today. Kyle Beaton gets the HoleshotAs a rider you needed to have a little bit of luck on your side as there were so many things that could hurt you out there; it was a bit of a coin toss here this weekend as far as getting a good start and staying on two wheels goes. The MX1 riders clearly had a bit more luck today as both Dusty and Colton were able to put in good rides, make up some points and move towards a 1-2 finish in the MX1 championship. I am very happy with the performance of our riders and our team today; the Yamaha YZFs were obviously working excellently out there in the sand, all our team members put in 100% and we came away with another overall win.”

JSR and the rest of the Toyota Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox Racing team will be looking to do it again at round 6 of the 2009 Monster Energy Motocross National Series on July 26th in Ste-Thecle, Quebec.

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