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June 15, 2009



1-2 PodiumTeam Toyota Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox Racing continued their MX-1 class domination at Calgary's Wild Rose MX Park this weekend and picked up their performance in MX-2 with second overall!

Team owner Jason Mitchell was thrilled with his team’s performance. “Today was great!” he says. “You can’t complain when your team and riders throw down a one-two knockout punch for the second straight weekend in a row! Colton proved his conditioning is second-to-none after spending this spring with the team’s rider manager and multi-time Canadian Champion, Jean Sebastien Roy. Colton FacciottiJSR still believes Facciotti has more left in him, but when he already has a seven to ten second lead and we are racing for the championship there is no reason to take risks, we just want him to ride safe and smart. JSR and the team were also really pleased with Dusty Klatt, as he rode very strong all weekend. In the second moto if Dusty had kept the lead after his holeshot he was sure he could have run with Colt.”

The Wild Rose track was rutted and rough, but with tons of spectators, minimal dust and perfect skies, it was a great day for racing. “This was a good day for sure,” says Facciotti. “The first moto I didn’t really feel all that great but I still got the job done. I won by about eight seconds on my YZ450F.” Klatt ran third, locked in a battle to get around Paul Carpenter. “The track was kind of one-lined and was tough to pass on. I was riding a little tight and couldn’t get around him,” Klatt says.

Facciotti & Klatt take the holeshotFacciotti had a battle for the holeshot with his teammate in moto-two. “It was wire to wire as they came into turn one. They could have called either one on it, it was that close. The Yamaha 450's are such awesome motorcycles and proved that today after getting both holeshots,” explains Mitchell. Feeling better than he had in moto-one, Facciotti got out front and cruised to victory. “Dusty got the holeshot but I got by him a corner later and pretty much had a clear track the whole way,” Facciotti says. Klatt ran hard in second, putting distance on the pack. “In the second moto Colt and I got good starts, one-two, and we just pulled away from everyone. I think I gapped Carpenter by 15-20 seconds by the checkered flag,” tells Klatt. “Second overall is OK, but I wish I could have gotten a moto win this weekend. Colt was quite a way ahead of me in the second moto, but maybe next weekend I’ll be quite a way ahead of him! The Team Toyota Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox crew has been doing an awesome job so far both on and off the track. My speed is there; I just need to work on a few other things a little bit more. Dusty KlattI definitely need to start winning some races so Colt does not run away on me in the series. I’ll be training hard this week on my road bike and riding all week, so I guess we’ll find out, next weekend!”

For Facciotti, this was “…a solid, strong weekend, nothing too dramatic. I feel really good going to Edmonton next weekend for round three. I’m going to work really hard this week again and just keep doing what I’ve been doing. It’s working out pretty good!”

“Pretty good” is quite the understatement. Team manager Joe Skidd and Dean Thompson put it a little more directly. “They just dominated! Colt was absolutely on fire in both motos and in the second moto they both completely dominated! Just the perfect weekend. As long as they keep doing their job it makes it fun for us and our crew!”

Harvey on the PodiumThe Team Toyota Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox Calgary success story doesn’t end with the MX-1 class. “Our MX-2 program is back!” Mitchell says proudly. “MX-2 is a volatile class and anything can happen. All it takes is one bad moto and everything can – and will – change for us or any other team. Do not count us out yet for this Championship run! We had a tough start in Kamloops, however we cannot thank our mechanics and team members enough for all the late hours they put in last week sorting things out. In MX-2 the bikes are right on the edge. Everyone is looking for the smallest horsepower or handling advantage, so sometimes stuff happens. That’s just part of racing. With the points as they are now it sure has made the run for the MX-2 Championship very interesting, to say the least.”

Aron Harvey was happy to put in a couple of very strong motos, finishing second overall for the day. “I really feel no pressure coming from behind again this year,” he laughs. “It is a long series and everyone will have there moments I am sure! We’ve got a couple things to adjust and sort out as we are always looking for an advantage. I’m ready to put my Yamaha YZ250F back on the podium next weekend again. I did a lot of riding last week in Calgary and the team worked hard to get things sorted out.” Harvey ran hard but smart in moto-one. “I got a decent start and passed quite a few riders. Once I got into third and no one else was around, I just hung in there.” He repeated his first smart moto performance in moto-two. “In the second moto I got stuck in the gate and got a mid-pack start, but I got through the pack or riders really quick, so it wasn’t too bad.”

Aron Harvey“In the second moto we were running 2-3 at the six minute mark," Mitchell explains. “Beaton was in front of Harvey and behind Dean Wilson but the race got red-flagged after a rider went down in the back section. Of course we weren’t thrilled at the call, but that’s racing I guess. Obviously, we were concerned that our riders could repeat the success they were enjoying before the red flag, and they didn’t get as good a start. I have to give them credit though, they both put their heads down and finished third and fourth so we salvaged the moto the best we could.”

Still suffering from last weekend’s wrist injury, Kyle Beaton put in a brave ride in Calgary. “I’m still on the injured list but I’m riding through it,” he says. “I have a very sore hand and wrist right now and it’s tough to hang on, especially on this track since it was soft and rutty. In the first moto I was trying to run the race speed and went down twice. I just couldn’t hang on in those choppy ruts.” Still, Beaton was able to hang on well enough to finish 12th and gather some all-important points. Feeling more confident in moto-two, Beaton says, “I got fourth in the second moto, the adrenaline kicked in and I was good to go! I got a great start on my YZ250F and was able to run up front, push hard and put the pain behind me.” That fourth place was enough to give Beaton seventh overall, exactly what the team had discussed as an achievable goal for Kyle.

Kyle Beaton“With Kyle we just wanted to get a top-10 finish,” says the team’s suspension guru Joe Skidd. “Beaton is eager to prove his speed and we are well aware of what he can do. We just need to get him healthy and back to 100 percent so he can show everyone just how strong he can be. Kyle worked very hard in the off-season with JSR, so we know he has the fitness to run up front!”

No doubt about it, the Team Toyota Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox magic is back. “This is just like old times!” exclaims Mitchell. “Our goal this year was to keep the magic going that we have enjoyed in the past. Our team is celebrating ten years of racing this year and everyone on our team is looking very polished. I have to say my team’s staff and riders are just incredible! They don’t miss a beat and are working together so well. All the little things add up: JSR's knowledge, the mechanics and staff's experience, the riders commitment, the dedication of all our sponsors and the awesome Yamaha equipment we are privileged to race!”

Special thanks to everyone at the Wild Rose MX Club and the CMRC for all their hard work and effort this weekend in building possibly the best Canadian National track we have seen for many years. Also as always Thank You to all our fans and sponsors for their continued support of our team and racing program.

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