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June 02, 2009



1-2 PodiumTeam Toyota Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox Racing’s Colton Facciotti returned in championship winning form with back to back moto wins at the opening round of the 2009 Monster Energy Motocross National Series at Kamloops, BC, June 7.

“Facciotti was definitely on the gas,” says Jason Mitchell. “He holeshotted the first moto with Tyler Medaglia and led wire to wire, opening up a 15-second lead.” Facciotti’s Toyota Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox teammate Dusty Klatt was also on the gas, passing Paul Carpenter and Tyler Medaglia before hooking in behind Facciotti, who finished the race 30 seconds in front of Carpenter in third. Klatt tells “In the first moto I didn’t get the greatest start, but I was able to get past a bunch of riders right away and work my way into second.” Dusty Klatt & Colton FacciottiBy the quarter-way point Facciotti and Klatt had formed a two-man Yamaha YZ450F bullet train that pulled the rest of the pack along in its wake. “By the time I got there Colt was quite a way ahead of me,” continues Klatt. “I tried to charge ahead, and did catch up a bit, but not quite enough.”

“In the second MX1 moto the track really, really got rough,” Mitchell explains. “The last moto, when the sun was going down, the silt was hanging in the air making visibility an issue.” Kyle Keast grabbed the holeshot with Dusty in fifth and Colt in seventh. Facciotti elaborates. Colton Facciotti“I didn’t get the greatest start in the second moto and had to work my way up a little bit. I started leading just after the halfway point. I got up to a ten-plus second lead before I eased it back to four or five seconds after tweaking my ankle a little bit on the back straight.” Klatt rode about a third of the race in second place but just couldn’t get around Keast. “Colton came from behind and passed Dusty, then passed Keast,” says Mitchell. “Dusty stayed right on Keast but couldn’t get by, until eventually European KTM rider Cornell Nemeth passed them both.” In Klatt’s own words, “In the second moto I got a better start but had a hard time getting around Kyle. Maybe I was just pushing too hard. The bike was definitely working great, and I ended up with second overall, so it was a good start to my season.”

Facciotti was stoked to set his season off on such a high note. “I am really looking forward to Calgary,” he jokes. “As long as it doesn’t snow! Seriously, the bike was working awesome and the team was really good. Everyone works well with each other and helps out. Dusty KlattIt’s not about one guy, it’s about the team!” Klatt is also proud of his sponsors, saying, “They’ve put an excellent team together and everything is working well. This is a long series, and I just want to keep my Toyota Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox Racing bike up there on the podium every weekend!”

Motocross has its highs and lows. For the Toyota Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox team, the low point came in the MX2 class. Aron Harvey ran hard in sixth position in the first moto and second in the next moto, on exactly the type of gnarly track he thrives on, when mechanical problems put him on the sidelines in both motos. “We had an aftermarket part failure on Aron’s bike,” explained Mitchell. “It’s unfortunate when these things happen, but sometimes this stuff does happen, especially when we are on the edge for performance in this class.” Aron HarveyHarvey remained positive, eager to get back in the swing at round two. “The track was good and rough,” Harvey says. “In the second moto it got even gnarlier and more fun! They already know what happened to the bike, so they’ll have that fixed up and we’ll be good to go next time. I felt good, so I know I will be up front again as long as I get some good starts.”

Harvey’s MX2 teammate, Kyle Beaton, bravely fought a battle of his own. “Kyle crashed in the first corner of moto-one,” Mitchell states, adding “…but he got up and put in a gallant ride, running tenth. He was flying too! But he had some upper body injuries that we needed to have medical staff assess. Never the less we are very pleased to have “Beets” on the team. He has certainly earned his position on the team and everyone’s respect, especially after the ride back to 10th. Kyle BeatonHe has bought into our program 110% and was the hardest working rider down in Georgia. To have this happen in his first moto with the team just makes us all sick!”

The MX2 spotlight was shining on a pair of Blackfoot Direct Yamaha YZ250F support riders, Jared and Parker Allison, who both put in great rides. Jared’s strong finishes earned him eighth overall, with Parker taking eleventh! Team Manager Dean Thompson commented, “I am so proud of both these guys, they both rode really well and represented Blackfoot at the highest possible level all weekend.”

When the silt settled in Kamloops it was obvious that Colton Facciotti is once again the fastest 450 rider in Canada. “Colton is really looking like the champion he is,” says Mitchell proudly. “He’s looks just like JSR did back when he was winning all those championships. He’s lean and trim. He’s confident and solid. And Dusty’s riding talent is also beyond question or doubt. It’s great to get him back, and we are looking forward to re-building the magic we had with Dusty back in ’04 through ’06 when he won his three championships with us. Team TransporterIt’s great to have Colt and Dusty together as well as Kyle and Aaron on the Toyota Yamaha Red Bull Blackfoot Fox team! After 10 years of racing we understand it is a long series, and any we just need to stay focused on our long-term goals.”

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