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Blackfoot gs training

The GS Training Off-Road Skills Training Courses have been specifically designed for riders of all levels. No matter whether you have had very little off-road experience or have been dirt riding for years, the outcome is that everyone will learn and have a great time too! - Available to all adventure on/off-road motorcycles, ie. BMW, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Triumph, KTM.


During the one-day GS Training course, participants are taught the fundamental techniques of off-road riding and will progress to a higher level of skill and experience!

Some of the possible skills covered are:
* How to lift, balance and manoeuvre a motorcycle in awkward situations
* Slow-speed manoeuvring and control
* Correct body position/balance
* Throttle and clutch control
* Cornering
* Braking
* Ascending and descending hills safely and confidently
* Riding over/around obstacles

The day also includes: Exclusive private use of the Wild Rose Track, Refreshments, Lunch, Photos of you and your bike and the group.

Dates Available



8:30am - 4:30pm (meet 8:00am, at Blackfoot Motosports)


Blackfoot Wild Rose MX Park, Calgary, AB


$349 (plus GST) Pre-registration and payment required to ensure your spot in the course!

Other Requirements
  • Your Own Motorcycle
  • A Class 5&6 Drivers License
  • Proper Riding Gear:
    • Gloves
    • Helmet (Snell, DOT, or ECE.22-05 Approved)
    • Jacket
    • Riding Pants
    • Ankle Protecting Boots

- Tires: Either stock tires or more aggressive offroad tires would be fine for this course
- Please come with a full tank of gas
- It's a very physically demanding day, so good personal fitness will be helpful
- Bring your license, registration and insurance with you
- Prior to the course, If you would like suggestions in regards to bike set up, or any accessories you are considering, please do get in touch! You can bring your bike to service and ask for Tobi for a consultation.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your course:
- Within 14 days of your course: No Refunds
- With more than 14 days to your course: $50 administration fee would be retained

Bad Weather? If the course needs to be cancelled for unforseen circumstances such as bad/wet weather, we will contact you about the cancellation and make arrangements to select an alternate upcoming date.

*Rentals are no longer available, you will be required to have a bike of your own.

Blackfoot gs training

The course is directed by a BMW Factory Trained Instructor.

International Instructor Academy

REGISTRATION: If you have any questions or would like to register, please get in touch! Please include your name and Phone Number.:


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"There are a few key moments in a rider's life when his or her eyes are opened just a little bit wider. Today's Blackfoot GS course day was one of those for me. I had never been on dirt through my forty years of being licensed. I was nervouse. I wasn't sure if I could handle it. I wasn't sure I wouldn't kill myself! What a great day! Dirt, gravel, hills and sand don't scare me anymore - And it's all because of the fantastic instruction and tremendous patience provided by JR, Richard, Tobi and Rozzie. Thanks a ton guys!!" - R.S.

"Learned body positioning, safety techniques. Instructors very knowledgeable! Excellent technique demonstrations, instructors happy to answer questions, 2 of the best instructors (in anything) I've ever had!" - C.B.

"The instructors were fantastic. The exercises were ramped up nice and slowly so you could build skills" -C.S.

"Never would have come up with some of these techniques on my own" -G.O.

"Positives from this course? It should be a must!" - G.S.

"Learned a lot about controlling a big bike at slow speed" - K.R.

"Simply riding on a loose surface teaches a person SO much about the degrees of control." - D.C

"The training gives a much higher level of confidence in controlling the GS." E.M.

"One day just isn't enough!" I.N.

"Very well coordinated. You could visually tell that each rider had improved with skill, safety and confidence by the end of the course." J.M.

"Very good course, (will) recommend to all my friends." P.S.

2014 photos

GS Training group photo

Instructing the group


Hill Stop

Climb those hills

Decend with control

Visit our Facebook Photo albums for photos from our previous Training sessions: Click here to view our photo albums!




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